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Gregory Graf killed his stepdaughter and molested her dead body, and was dumb enough to video tape his acts.  His wife, the victim’s mother, feels that those reasons are sufficient to break her “death do us part” bonds with Gregory Graf.   Not only does she want to leave the man when he is down on his luck, but she wants 75% of their marital assets.  Will people divorce today for any reason?

When I read this article, I wasn’t sure if I was appalled that a man that is serving life in prison is so petty to fight over his divorce settlement?  Maybe I was grossed out because he was drawing out a marriage to his victims’ mother?  Or maybe it was simply the excruciating weight of my pocket book when my taxes get paid, and they get used for Gregory to “not OK” his divorce settlement.

I am hoping that the Pennsylvania divorce court judge, heard the motion, dropped his gavel, and walked the fuck out of the court room.


Cari Jo

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