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Three hours of fishing and all I caught was crabs, and I didn’t even have to have the awkward “yeah you rocked my world” talk.  I seem to remember catching crabs a lot more satisfying, but alas it was a major let down, and YouTube was an epic failure.


So, bright and early at 12:15 pm I hit the Galveston Island State Park for some serious fishing.  I got my shrimp bait, I went with dead shrimp because I didn’t want to deal with, a knowing pissed off Napoleon Complexed shellfish, staring at me.  So, I opened YouTube and typed in – salt water trout fishing.  I ended seeing this three-year-old kid mocking me.  He was probably closer to nine or ten but age does not matter in this case.  So, I proudly hooked my shrimp through the tail and then cast out the line.  Then I sat there for like twenty minutes -nothing.  So, I reeled in my line and my shrimp was gone.  This process was repeated at least four times, and then a 911 call.


Luckily Christopher picked up and he instructed me YouTube had it wrong I needed to hook the bait differently so he walked me through a mouth to tail hook, and the bait survived.  Sort of.  This time I got a bite and I reeled it in and it was a freak-n crab.  I repeated the process several times and each time crabs, three in total.  This blew and not in a fun way.


So, 911 again. A bobber had to be added.  Well fuck you, YouTube two-year-old, you said nothing about having a bobber.  Seventeen minutes later a bobber was finally attached (PS you must push in on one side to make the hook appear on the bobber).  Then the hook was baited (like a pro) and I cast out, and I got squat, zippo, zilch.  Honestly, I was missing the crabs.


The crabs were not missing me because they got smart.  This is like some AI crabs.  They started eating the shrimp off the hook even with my super secret mouth to tail hook, and if I happened to reel in before they devoured my precious bait then they just sat dangling from the line with one claw on the hook looking seriously pissed off.  All in all, what I didn’t catch was some damn trout.  I think this is what is called “crab blocked”.

Cari Jo

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