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Information is the only currency that matters,
it can be traded, bartered, or sold.
But information on it’s own is worthless,
it’s sharing information that creates gold.

Science has a corner on the market,
they fall through rabbit holes chasing, but never catching.
All the while forgetting the simple lessons of childhood.

Math teaches a child one plus one equals two.
Logic says one fact added to another equals a story.
But three is the number of religion and history.
What chance did they have?

One knows the answers, and one knows the question to ask.
Adding them together creates a useless two.
Can two find the needed three?
Philosophers become bridges, who connect but do not complete.

Poets rehash themes taken from Psychology,
packaged as relationship, family, and love.
Readers cry along.

Writers rehash plots.
Plots are provided by the duplicity of science.
They are packaged as fiction and fantasy.
Readers cry for knowledge but find only facts.

Ever wonder why Solomon asked for wisdom, in the Bible?
He didn’t ask for knowledge, gold, or power.
Nor Science, Math, Religion, or Logic.
He simply asked for Wisdom.

Stop asking what or how- that’s for Science.
Stop asking who or why- that’s for Philosophers.
When is known by History.
So what questions do you ask?

Right or wrong, good or evil, science, or God?
A third is required-
If a good lie rests between two truths,
then a real truth, rest between two lies.

Cari Jo

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