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You have heard the story of the hooker with a heart of gold. You’ve probably
even rooted for her. You imagine the free-spirited woman, in the old west, who went out,
struggled to ensure her freedom from some arranged marriage back East, and did
whatever it took to take care of herself and the people that she loved. Alternatively,
maybe it was the modern day version of a hooker on the street corner, standing there in
her miniskirt and bad wig, just waiting for you to drive by and give her an offer that she
could not refuse. The most important part of that image is the white knight that rides in
and rescues the damsel from the life of debauchery and sin. The lovers ride off into the
sunset. For many of you, the fairy tale does not end there. The two set up a house and
have 2.5 kids and that hooker becomes the perfect wife and mother, envied by neighbors
and her husband’s work colleagues. She might even go to school and open a little
business, and she would bring her street smarts into her career, becoming a huge success.

It is a wonderful story that inspires the imagination and romance novels of our
generation. These stories of mythology fuel our everyday lives and we become engrossed,
hoping that we can have that fairy tale ending. When our lives do not turn out to be a
movie or the stories that will become legend, we become disenchanted and feel like
failures. I think that those fears are placed on everyone by nothing else but the longing of
our internal souls.

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Cari Jo

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