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Today’s daily unrequested opinion, I ran across an article on Yahoo Style, about a mother of two and housewife who earns extra money posting sexy pictures on Instagram. The writer, Cindy Arboleda, believes in hooking readers with misleading titles, Mom Takes Sexy Selfies for Money and She Loves It. Ms. Arboleda was just politically correct. The woman in question Summers VonHesse was taking lingerie and nude photos and putting them up on a website,, that charges people to view those photos.

Here is a reality shot for Ms. Summers, because unlike Ms. Arboleda I am not politically correct and I am not going to spare your feelings. Whether on the internet or social media, selling – sexy/nude picture – is no different than being in Hustler, in a peep show booth in the Red-Light District of Amsterdam, or posing for Playboy. Don’t delude yourself into thinking what you are doing is taking simple – sexy selfies.

By the way, a third of the article was devoted to how she learned to love her body. Uhmmmmmm. My plea to the media – Please stop trying to put up every media hungry housewife in a thong/naked/lingerie/or outerwear that should be innerwear – as loving themselves. I am sure they do love themselves, and I am positive I am going to read an article about how unfair it is that they are now being objectified.

To wrap up my non-rant of the day – do not weep online, or to your friends, when viewers begin to see you as a sex object objectify you. My mamma cat statement of the day, “Celebrity women you need to understand one fact about human nature. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO WEAR WHAT YOU WANT AND SHARE THOSE PICTURES. Hell, you even have the right to charge people to see those pictures, but- the people who pay to view those pictures also have a right- THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO PERCEIVE YOU HOW THEY WANT”. The reality is that some will troll you online, call you a whore, and scrutinize your body.

For clarification to the trolls – my particular problem is about what is going to come next. I predict in seven days I will read about how she is being unfairly target by social media users.

Cari Jo

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