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The row of bathroom and shower trailers stood perpendicular to the Soldiers Chu’s. The fourth trailer, male shower, had an orange Out of Order sign on it. A tall-unknown woman had just placed the sign there. Hector had seen her leave as he walked up to his normal showering spot. What he usually found as overcrowded and impossible to get peace shower location; tonight was deserted and dark. Then the voice came, “In Coming, In Coming”, it shouted and Hector dropped his hygiene products and headed as fast as he could across the rocky path to the duck and cover bunker.

“In Coming, In Coming!” the loud voice shouted over the sleeping Soldiers. Soldiers in all different state of dress ran for the concrete covers that promised them safety. Some tried to throw on their ACH and helmets and others still tried
to get their shoes on. It had been almost four months since the balloon had picked up an incoming rocket and this one was about to hit on the pre-twilight hours. Many Soldiers were awake and had abandoned their Chu’s stoops for the concrete covers, while others were still in the hygiene trailers.

The large rocks tore Hector’s shower sandals apart and he soon found himself running barefoot. The urgency and the fact that he could see the rocket made him sprint over the rocks as if they were soft grass. Three minutes later without a second to spare he fumbled into the empty duck and cover bunker. He could hear the thud and the shrapnel against the concrete. He felt the ground shake as the rocket hit its target.

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