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Watching Harry Potter is always droll and tiresome. It’s not that I hate the movies, but the plot holes, lord the plot holes. Tonight was especially annoying. My friend and I were having a Potter movie fest when every five minutes Xfinity screen saver came up. My high speed, super intelligent, tech savvy, buddy applied the scholarly troubleshooting method. He Googled it.

I however, decided to chat online with Xfinity, and after eleven minutes I got a live human being. Raul took five minutes to verify my email account, and three minutes to come back and ask for the serial number to the box (I only have one box). Meanwhile, before the ten minutes it took to get Raul on the line, my IT Guru Googling Extraordinaire had the solution. Reset the box.

I can not understand how Xfinity stays in business. If the poor troubleshooting is related to keeping cost down, then I have a great solution. Outsource the IT Department to Google. Why in the hell are you paying someone who took eight minutes to verify and ask nonsensical information?

How about we fill the tech support team with magical wizards who can incant a magical goblin to Google the information for them.

Or better yet incant an imperious curse to make the IT Department write a thousand times over “I will answer a straight forward question with a straight forward answer”

Cari Jo

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